31 Days of Restoration: Spiritual and Emotional Comfort for Parents of Children with Special Needs

Welcome to 31 Days of Restoration. In the days ahead, I hope to bring you spiritual and emotional support as you raise your child with special needs.

Over the years, I have heard parents express many of the same emotions — some of which I experience myself. Sometimes all in the same day. I have felt just as fragile, just as vulnerable, and just as bruised and banged up as you have.

But, from moment to moment, day to day, I make the conscious decision to pick myself up no matter the struggle.


In this series, I validate everything that you do, everything that you are, and everything that you are meant to become on this journey. In acknowledging the most profound emotions we experience as parents of children with disabilities, I bring you comfort through empowering healing intentions for yourself as well as for your child. I share with you how I seek peace, rest, and resolve each and every day of my parenting life. It is the only way I can get up and do it all over again tomorrow.

You can expect:

  • recognition of your deepest feelings
  • a blurb about why these emotions are common for parents like us
  • uplifting affirmations you can recite anytime, anywhere
  • empowering intentions for your child

My hope is to:

  • encourage you
  • inspire you
  • help you
  • push you

to go further and stay the course longer.

Join me by checking in daily throughout the month of October.

31 Days of Restoration: Spiritual and Emotional Support for Parents of Children with Special Needs

Day 1: Journey to Restoration
Day 2: Restoring a Parent’s Broken Heart
Day 3: Restoring Courage, Overcoming Parental Fears
Day 4: Restoring Harmony, Overcoming Parental Overwhelm
Day 5: Restoring Connectivity, Overcoming Parental Loneliness
Day 6: Practicing Self-Care, Overcoming Parental Guilt
Day 7: Restoring Energy, Overcoming Parental Exhaustion
Day 8: Practicing Surrender, Overcoming Parental Helplessness
Day 9: Restoring Confidence, Overcoming Parental Self-Doubt
Day 10: Restoring Calm, Overcoming Parental Frustration
Day 11: Restoring Order, Overcoming Parental Brain Fog
Day 12: Setting Boundaries, Overcoming Parental Self-Sacrifice
Day 13: Practicing Compassion, Overcoming Parental Judgment
Day 14: Practicing Acceptance, Overcoming Parental Anger
Day 15: Restoring Community, Overcoming Parental Alienation
Day 16: Restoring Freedom, Overcoming Parental Limitations
Day 17: Restoring Trust, Overcoming Parental Impatience
Day 18: Cultivating Gratitude, Overcoming Parental Discontentment
Day 19: Restoring Power, Overcoming Parental Vulnerability
Day 20: Restoring Clarity, Overcoming Parental Uncertainty
Day 21: Restoring the Bond, Overcoming Parent-Child Disconnection
Day 22: Restoring Grace, Overcoming Parental Self-Blame
Day 23: Restoring Motivation, Overcoming Parental Discouragement
Day 24: Clarifying Priorities, Overcoming Parental FOMO
Day 25: Restoring Productivity, Overcoming Parental Blockages
Day 26: Embracing Healthy Attachment, Overcoming Parental Misconceptions
Day 27: Restoring Relief, Overcoming Parental Regret
Day 28: Restoring Strength, Overcoming Parental Fragility
Day 29: Restoring Faith, Overcoming Parental Despair
Day 30: Restoring Joy, Overcoming Parental Hopelessness
Day 31: Restoration Comes Full Circle, Final Thoughts on Overcoming

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