Does My Child Have PTSD? What to Do When Your Child is Hurting from the Inside Out: A Book Review

Does My Child Have PTSD- What to Do When Your Child is Hurting from the Inside OutThis post is a review of Jolene Philo’s book Does My Child Have PTSD: What to Do When Your Child is Hurting from the Inside Out. I received a complimentary review copy, but the opinion expressed is fully my own. As always, I only share products/resources I deem to be beneficial to parents raising and homeschooling a child with special needs. The link to purchase the book is my affiliate link through Amazon. If you choose to buy through this link, I receive a small commission, but never at an additional cost to you. I thank you for supporting this site in this way. 

My son has been hospitalized several times in his short life. After each hospitalization, I return feeling frazzled and out of sorts. I have wondered many times if I might be dealing with some post traumatic stress. What about my son? If I am feeling this disoriented and anxious, he must be affected in some form as well. And, if he is, then, surely, his five weeks in the hospital at the time of birth must have changed him in some way.

This is why Jolene Philo’s book Does My Child Have PTSD: What to Do When Your Child is Hurting from the Inside Out caught my attention. I asked myself the same question. Does my son have PTSD? Do I?

Does my child have PTSD?

As a mother of a son diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Jolene Philo watched her son suffer through many invasive medical procedures, through PTSD, treatment, and, finally, recovery.

Included in this book

This is the complete book for parents and professionals working with children and young adults. It takes you through:

  • facts about PTSD
  • myths and misconceptions
  • history of diagnosis and treatment of PTSD
  • trauma research
  • anatomy of a child’s brain and how it’s affected by trauma
  • symptoms and behaviors
  • diagnosis
  • strategies for prevention
  • treatment and coping strategies
  • how to become an advocate for PTSD (what a valuable addition to the book!)

Important topics covered

Jolene touches on the great misconception that babies don’t feel pain through the heart-wrenching stories of her son’s numerous surgeries. She also explains that contrary to common belief, it’s not only soldiers who suffer PTSD.

I love the section on the six ways trauma changes a child’s brain and body. You’ll be surprised to learn that trauma affects the normal wiring of brain circuits.

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You’ll learn about the seven instinctual responses to perceived threat and how to know the difference between those and PTSD.

An important part of this book is the discussion of additional issues children and teens experience as a result of multiple traumas such as sleep disturbances and difficulty regulating anger that can continue into adulthood.

I appreciate that the book discusses the PTSD risk factors for children as some are more likely to develop PTSD after a trauma than others.

Jolene doesn’t leave us in the lurch. After sharing strategies for helping children/teens cope, she also writes about prevention strategies. If you have a sensitive child, you will find this book of great value so that you’ll know how to have your child avoid PTSD in the event of a traumatic event (and we never know when that can strike). Jolene also offers an extensive resource list of books, websites, treatment centers, professional organizations, and organizational tools.


Who can benefit from this book

This book is recommended for parents/caregivers/adults working with children or adolescents who:

  • underwent invasive medical procedures
  • suffered abuse
  • lived through natural disasters
  • lost a loved one
  • had parents who divorced
  • other traumas

This book is the only book you’ll need on your bookshelf on the topic of PTSD.

You can purchase this book here: Does My Child Have PTSD: What to Do When Your Child is Hurting from the Inside Out

About the author

Jolene Philo Jolene Philois the daughter of a disabled father, and she parented a child with special needs. She’s a former educator with 25 years of public school experience. Her books related to special needs include the Different Dream series and The Caregiver’s Notebook. Her blog, offers practical resources and spiritual encouragement for caregivers. She also a guest blogger for Not Alone at and Friendship Circle of Michigan at Jolene frequently speaks at special needs and foster care conferences around the country and conducts special needs ministry training workshops for churches. She and her husband Hiram live in Boone. They are parents of two married children and grandparents to one adorable toddler, with two more babies on the way. You can connect with Jolene on Facebook (@A Different Dream for My Child), (Twitter @jolenephilo), Pinterest (JolenePhilo), LinkedIn ( Jolene Philo), and at her websites, and

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