Day 4: Restoring Harmony, Overcoming Parental Overwhelm

Welcome to day 4 of the 31 Days of Restoration: Spiritual and Emotional Support for Parents of Children with Special Needs. You can find the main page for this series here.

The day-to-day in raising a child with special needs sets parents up for the most incredible amounts of overwhelm.

The appointments, the meetings, the decisions, the administration of meds, the feedings, the diaper changes, the transfers, the therapies, the training, the practice, the illnesses, the sleepless nights.

Adding these not-so-typical tasks to an already busy life of a parent is at times just too much to bear.

Some days, I have this all under control. My agenda is organized, my planner gets items ticked off. I go to bed feeling accomplished.

But some days, I wake up with a rhinoceros on my chest. The weight is enormous. The thoughts are scattered. My memory is overloaded. My mind feels chaotic. On days like this, I can barely remember the steps to boiling water.

Instead of getting stuck in this mode, however, I work it. I recognize it the second I wake. I name it. I breathe it in. I allow it to get in me and then I make sure it moves through me.

Here’s the conversation I have with myself:

Affirmations for Restoring Harmony and Overcoming Parental Overwhelm

  • Even though I feel heavy today, I commit to moving myself out of this.
  • Even though my head feels scattered, I give myself time to let my thoughts settle.
  • Even though I don’t know where to start, I know how I want my day to end, and I will get there one step at a time.
  • I am gentle with myself today.
  • I set healthy boundaries going forward.
  • I attract the right kind of support for the issues we are facing today.
  • No matter what happens, I know I will be OK.
  • No matter what happens, my child will be OK.
  • No matter what happens, it will all be OK.

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