How to Schedule Your Week: Fusing Homeschooling with the Rest of Life (+ Free Template)

How to Schedule Your Week- Fusing Homeschooling with the Rest of Life (+ Free Template)I am often asked how I manage to do it all. In this post, I share a simple method that works for me as a visual learner. Let me warn you, however, that just because I fit it all into a schedule doesn’t mean I actually do it all, because I don’t.

The tasks I do on a daily basis are no different than yours:

  • meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snack-times)
  • homeschool
  • outdoor time
  • chores (cleaning, groceries, etc.)
  • work
  • homeschool planning time
  • family time
  • personal time

How do I fit it all in?

First, I look at my time in the span of a week, not a day. That’s because I know I cannot possibly get everything I want done in one day. I do, however, manage to get most things done in the span of 7 days.

I set the intention through the use of a visual schedule and I fit in absolutely everything I have to/want to get done in a week. Does this mean I always get things done? No. But, by visually scheduling the tasks, I know it’s possible. Otherwise, the tasks become an overwhelming pressure and I get absolutely nothing done.

How to Schedule Your Week

Begin by listing all of the responsibilities and activities taking place on a weekly basis. You are free to use my list above for inspiration, but you may want to be more specific by also adding:

  • sports activities
  • group activities
  • regular therapy appointments
  • regular medical appointments

Using a Visual Schedule for Planning

I use a Google Spreadsheet to plug in everything that needs to get done in one week from wake-up to bedtime.

Weekly Homeschool Schedule

Note: This is a general overview of our day. Since we homeschool throughout the day, I did not include those times. The blocked homeschool time in the morning is where we do structured activities.

When filling out your schedule, start by plugging in the wake-up time, meals, and bedtime since these usually happen around the same time. Then, fill in the rest: homeschool time, meal prep time, chores, and planning time.

As a homechooler, you are responsible for a lot of what goes on in your home. It’s possible that the items that get thrown out the window first are the planning time and personal time.

You`ll notice that I did not neglect to include personal time. In fact, by adding personal time I feel less guilty to take my personal time because I know that I have all of the other tasks scheduled for a later time.

Don`t forget to plug in when you`ll plan for homeschooling. I suggest taking some time one day each week to get yourself organized. I blocked about 2 hours on a Sunday because I only have one child and it`s possible for me to do when dad is caring for him. But, you may have only 30 minutes a week. That`s fine, just don`t neglect it. Note: This is when I prepare materials, not just fill in my plan book.

At a glance, you will be able to see what you do too much of, what you don`t do enough of, what works best at which time and on which day. Once you have everything laid out, you will be able to balance things out.

Ready to get planning?

Google Spreadsheets now has a template for preparing a schedule (of course, this comes after I’ve created mine from scratch!) and can be fully customized.

Google Spreadsheet customizable schedule

Here’s how to get the Google Spreadsheet Schedule:

How to Get Google Schedule Template


  1. From Google Drive > NewGoogle Sheets
  2. From the new spreadsheet > Sheets home (Green button on top left)
  3. Select Schedule

How will you schedule your life?

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