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Bring Out the Best in Your Child: Considerations for Special Education

This article is written by Daniel Sherwin from Dadsolo.com. All content provided is for informational purposes only. Always adapt and apply suggestions based on your child’s needs. Children with special needs are the most amazing little troopers. Whether they have physical disabilities, mental illnesses, or are on the autism spectrum, they are all awesome little people. […]

Parents as Love Therapists

In spending time with my son in a children’s hospital, I can’t help but take in the sights and sounds and learn a thing or two about humanity. Being surrounded by so many other parents of children with special needs is both comforting and heartbreaking–especially in this setting. I find myself listening to mothers and […]

Meeting Your Child Where He’s At: Progress versus Performance

When educating a child with special needs, the tendency is to want to lower our expectations of what he can and will do.  Today, I offer a different mindset for planning for a child with special needs.  Rather than lowering your expectations, consider meeting your child where he is at. Meeting your child where he […]