Three People You Need in Your Life as a Caregiver of a Child with Special Needs

Three People You Need in Your Life as a Caregiver of a Child with Special NeedsI learned soon after our son was born that I had best accept offers for help when they came. However, not everyone was the kind of support we truly needed.

There are three types of people we absolutely need to remain mentally healthy and thriving, and I’m sharing my insights with you here.

It takes a strong person to recognize, admit, and eliminate the people who do not fully support our choices. It takes an even stronger person to attract just the right ones.

Three People You Absolutely Need in Your Life

1– The Frank One. The frank person tells you like it is. When you ask this person how he sees you and your role, he tells you. When you ask this person how she sees you struggling, she tells you. When you ask this person what you’re not seeing, he tells you. Having an honest person in your life helps you to grow as a parent and as a human being. An honest person will prevent you from falling flat on your face because you will have received the warning signs ahead of time.

2– The Guide. The guide is the person you turn to when you need advice. This person is wise and is a few steps ahead of you. You can rely on this person to offer you guidance with confidence and complete understanding for what you are going through. The guide is someone you trust fully and someone you never second-guess.

3- The Pillar. The pillar is a support person who is there no matter what. This person doesn’t necessarily offer advice, but will be there as a shoulder to lean on, will be the first to bring a meal, will forgive when you’re abrupt for no reason. This person knows when you need a break and will push you out the door to ensure you get one.

Chances are, these three traits cannot be found in one person alone. I don’t suggest looking for them in one person, including your significant other. Scan your support system roster. Which person fits each category perfectly?

Do you have a circle of support as you care for your child?  Who are your key people?

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