Why this is a Good Time to Plan for the Next Homeschool Year (+ Resources for Getting it Done)

Why this is a Good Time to Plan for the Next Homeschool Year (+ Resources for Getting it Done)Your school year is winding down for the summer. You are glad it’s over. You made it through the program outlined last August.

Barely, you say?

In a rush, you say?

With many doubts, you blurt?

These are all very common feelings at this time of year. Even school teachers wonder if they did their students justice. If they met their needs for the year. If students actually learned beyond the curriculum.

As teachers close up their classrooms, many take home file folders with paperwork. The plan is to catch-up during the summer so they are ready when August rolls around.

The truth is (and I’m guilty of this myself), when the heat wave hits, no one wants to open a folder. And, with reason. I don’t think you or any public school teacher should be opening up planning folders in the middle of summer. Even those who homeschool year-round (it should be done and ready by then).

3 reasons this is a great time to plan for the next homeschool year:

1- Your mind is still fresh. You know where you left off. You know what worked extremely well. You know the difficulties and trouble spots. Keeping these details at the forefront makes planning now all the more efficient.

2You will have a list of materials to keep on the look-out for throughout the summer. You don’t have to scramble in the autumn to get the books or writing tools at once, thereby delaying the start. You will be much more productive as a result.

3- You can have peace of mind all summer long. Once your plans are in place, you will feel organized and you will better enjoy your summer family activities.

With all of this fresh information in your mind, I first encourage you to take a short break. A week between the time your child finishes his last bit of work in math to the time you sit down and brainstorm for next year.

How to plan for the next homeschool year:

1- Use planners. Here are free resources from this site to get you started with planning:

2- Get professional support. If you find that you are overwhelmed and wish someone could do the planning with/ for your child with special needs, I am the right person to contact! I offer one-to-one consultations for homeschooling and after-schooling parents of children with special needs. Plan a session today – have a concrete plan of action in 8 days or less!

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