How I Can Help You


One-to-one consultations for supporting parents in homeschooling or in the after-school hours.


Homeschool planning eWorkshop for parents.

Free Planning Series

Read free articles from my blog for planning your homeschool year (includes free printable planning sheets).

Educational Activities

Find FREE activities for the child with special needs categorize by learning concept
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About This Website

Has your child received a diagnosis in one, or a combination, of the following:

  • speech/language disorder (i.e.: Apraxia)
  • social communication disorder/ condition (i.e.:  Autism, Asperger Syndrome, ADD/ADHD)
  • genetic/chromosomal condition
  • global developmental disorder/delay
  • neurological disorder (i.e.: sensory processing, Auditory Processing Disorder, Tourette’s Syndrome)
  • mobility and muscular disorder (i.e.: Cerebral Palsy)
  • learning disability (i.e.: Dyslexia)

Are you struggling with guiding a child who is:

  • non-verbal?
  • sensory sensitive?
  • hyperactive/impulsive?
  • distracted?
  • developmentally delayed?

I help English-speaking families of individuals with disabilities who are developmentally at the elementary level: 

  • get started homeschooling with confidence
  • keep motivated throughout the year
  • manage homework in the after-school hours (for after-schoolers)
  • manage your time, spend quality time learning as well as on just being a family (and not only on weekends)
  • plan the academic year (or just one part of the year)
  • set-up an organizational and record-keeping system that you actually stick to
  • find, create, and adapt materials for your child with disabitilies (even if teaching other children)
  • start figuring it out for yourself by giving you the tools you need to think about adaptations
  • and so much more… just bring your questions/concerns to the table


What People Are Saying

You have a really soothing presence – it was really easy to talk with you. You were really prepared for the call and had some ideas already for when we talked.  Getting all of the great website suggestions and activity ideas really helped me finalize my plan and feel more confident in my new teacher role.

I know Gabriella as a loving mother and dedicated teacher. Gabriella is constantly thinking about new strategies she could use to make the learning experience a meaningful one for children.

You are AMAZING!!! A quick read-through has got me inspired and a little more focused. You go into just the right amount of details for anyone who is organizationally challenged. Reading your suggestions gives me more confidence, tells me I’m on the right path and gives me much needed direction and new ideas. I love the links and the inspirational pictures. I really feel that your are a gifted teacher with amazing organizational skills.

Thank you sooo much! I love your recommendations! I found your presentation very simple and straight forward to follow. Loved the links and pictures too!