One-on-one consultations, support, and resources for parents, educators/clinicians, administrators, and organizations.

There is no one right way to learn.
For education to be accessible for all, we need to explore and offer a variety of options to children and meet them right where they are—not where a system says they should be.

Select the support you seek

I offer a variety of services for establishing accessible and inclusive education for all.

Home Education

consultations & home educating resources

In-depth guidance, one-time support calls, ongoing parental support, and parental support packages.

After School

in-school & distance learning support

Help your child with homework and discover techniques to help them thrive in-school or through distance learning.

Educator & Professionals

consultations & support

In-depth professional guidance so that you may better help your students or clients thrive in liberatory-minded spaces.


consultations & strategy

Comprehensive analysis, feedback, and recommendations for creating accessible and inclusive learning experiences.

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"I like the information in the emails and how it is broken down. It allows me to do more research on the topic and apply it as needed. Gabriella gives so much insight and I trust what she is giving out. It is helpful to me. I like to think of it as being out of the box!!! Not one mold fits all!"

Preschool educator

What my

Testimonial for Gabriella Volpe

“Thank you sooo much! I love your recommendations! I found your presentation very simple and straightforward to follow. Loved the links and pictures too!”

Homeschooling mom of 2

Sue Allard testimonial for Gabriella Volpe

“I am inspired and more focused. You go into the right amount of details for anyone who is organizationally challenged. Reading your suggestions gives me more confidence, tells me I’m on the right path, and gives me much needed direction. You are a gifted teacher with amazing organizational skills.”

Sue Allard
Homeschooling mom, Certified Teacher, & Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner