I’m Gabriella Volpe, B.Ed.

I am an educational consultant, licensed teacher, trauma-informed specialist and disability advocate.

About Gabriella Volpe Education Consultant
About This Site

I help families, educators, clinicians, administrators, and organizations working with neurodivergent and chronically ill/disabled children:


Educate with confidence.


Set-up simple, fluid, and unrestrictive methods for planning, organizing, and record-keeping.


Remain motivated throughout the year.


Manage homework in the after-school hours or school work throughout the day, if distance learning.


Manage time realistically so that you can spend quality time doing things you love.


Find, create, and adapt materials.


Start figuring it out for yourself by giving you the tools you need to make education/therapy accessible within all settings.

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Megan Hamilton"Wow. This email really spoke to me. Gave me chills. It's quite powerful. Sometimes it’s so overwhelming to think of all of the ways we made mistakes over centuries of not understanding. I really do love your emails."

Megan Hamilton
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About Me

I am an educational consultant, licensed teacher, trauma-informed specialist, and mom to a disabled son.

I know firsthand what it’s like to be the primary caregiver to a child who does not fit a system, a set of rules, and a generic outline. I learned that rather than forcing my son into my life, I needed to find ways to fit into his.

Ten years ago, I left the public school system to home educate my son. The journey has been profound and winding. I thought I knew what kind of teacher I wanted to be for him. Instead, I have become the humble student. I am a work in progress.

I am passionate about speech and language acquisition as well as literacy development in children as I have learned the basics of ASL alongside my son. I also consider myself a stubborn researcher—never satisfied with the status quo, always in search of educational innovation.

Trauma-informed specialist

As an advocate for disability rights, I have a particular affinity for educational accessibility in both policy and design.


You will also find me standing up for all human rights. We can never uphold the disabled community without supporting all communities that have been oppressed by white supremacy and authoritarian models.

I view home education as resistance to systems that have rejected individuals like my son over the decades. Alternative education is my silent protest against institutionalization and oppression. In my little corner of the world, I work toward accessibility through equity-centered approaches to education.

Collaborations & Contributions

I believe…


we are all teachers.


we are all students.


all parents have been home educating since the birth of their first child.


parents and youth are the powerful voices behind education reform.


neurodivergent and disabled children thrive through love-based, accessible opportunities that allow them to be themselves.


the world is preparing for our children as our children prepare for the world.

Gabriella Volpe Home Education Consultant

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I offer a variety of services to help make education accessible to all.