I have recommitted to the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) pledge for 2024.


This is based on the DEI P.A.C.E. framework: Prepare. Assess. Commit. Execute.


Prepare for the journey: I pledge to make furthering diversity, equity, and inclusion a strategic commitment over the next year.

Assess where you are: I pledge to take a thorough assessment of where my business/community is on my DEI journey.

Commit to strategic actions: I pledge to determine areas I can grow/improve in over the next year related to DEI. I will approach DEI from a systemic lens. I recognize the journey will require strategic and measurable actions.

Execute the commitment: I pledge to complete at least five strategic actions that will promote DEI over the next year in my business and/or community.


I pledge to:


Learn more about DEI and systemic injustices via multiple platforms.


Educate myself on DEI-related definitions and the changing demographic landscape.

Attend at least two DEI conversations, training, or workshops.
Listen to the experiences and stories of others.
Serve as a positive influence by being an advocate daily.
I took the diversity equity and inclusion pledge pledge