Services for Organizations

Consultations for schools, online schools, school boards, school districts, educational establishments, academic membership sites, rehabilitation centers, clinical practices, program designers, and conference organizers.

Discovery Call for Organizations

General analysis and recommendations for a plan going forward in accessibility and inclusion.

I will help your organization:

Acknowledge and address biases that affect accessibility and inclusion


Develop inclusive policies and practices that foster accessibility and inclusion


View content from an accessible perspective, ensuring it’s inclusive for all


Conduct comprehensive audits of educational materials and processes to identify and address accessibility gaps


Facilitate workshops to educate staff about accessible and inclusive approaches tailored to their roles


Implement Universal Design for Learning principles to cultivate an environment that caters to diverse learning needs

The Inclusive Pathways Approach

Our collaboration will be grounded in The Inclusive Pathways Approach. I will share the details of this framework on our discovery call.

The Inclusive Pathways Approach by Gabriella Volpe

1. Discover


2. Plan

Set goals

3. Implement


4. Maintain


Comprehensive analysis, feedback, and recommendations for creating an accessible and inclusive learning environment.
How it will work:

1. Schedule a discovery call.

2. A pre-session Welcome Package/Questionnaire will be sent to you, requiring you to send it back to me at least 24 hours before our session.

3. We will meet via Google Meet for a one-hour initial call where I will learn more about your organization’s needs. Discover how I can guide your organization to make fundamental transformations for accessibility and inclusion.

4. If we agree on a vision, I will draft a custom proposal for your organization.

5. We will meet a second time to discuss the proposal together. 

Cost: $175 USD

One-hour discovery call (plus a follow-up call to discuss the proposal)

I am also available for online workshops and conferences. Please contact me directly to inquire how I can be a speaker at your organization’s online event.

What my

Camron Adibi testimonial for Gabriella Volpe

“Before I called Gabriella, I was unsure if the call would help me. It did help me! The experience was fluid, thoughtful, and positive.”

Camron Adibi,
Educator & Facilitator

Filomena Mastrangelo

“I had many questions about my work as a child care attendant because this was very new to me and I was doubting myself. I had no hesitation talking to Gabriella about my work. I needed advice and she was very helpful. After I spoke to Gabriella, she guided me with her experience and with that she made me feel more confident in myself and I was able to be there for the three boys I was working with. Gabriella is easy to talk to and she provided me with positive reassurance. I would definitely recommend Gabriella. She is amazing and knowledgeable with all the services she provides. I feel I can ask her anything if something else arises. Thank you so much for all you do!”

SFilomena Mastrangelo,
Child Care Attendant at Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School (EMSB)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the consultations open to?

These services are open to educational organizations that include (but are not limited to) schools, online schools, school boards, school districts, educational establishments, academic membership sites, rehabilitation centers, and clinical practices looking to create inclusive and accessible learning environments. I can also help your organization put together an online conference that is inclusive, neurodiversity-affirming, and non-ableist.

Clients are welcome globally.

Please note that this is an advisory role only. I will provide insight, guidelines, and recommendations, and point you to relevant resources, materials, and antidotes, but I will not create content nor design curricula or programs for the organization.

Why should our organization invest in these services?

The academic world is not accessible. In any learning environment, there are students who are left out and left behind because of barriers to learning. Your organization is in a powerful position to begin changing this for the many students who not only have a desire to participate but have a right to learn.

Accessibility and inclusion are not merely trending terms. The movement towards access and equity has been roaring for decades and it can no longer be ignored. This is especially true in multi-dimensional academic settings.

While you design curricula, coursework, supplemental materials, membership sites, conferences/workshops, or digital and in-person learning experiences, it’s imperative that your organization offers support options and solutions for the success of all.

As a licensed teacher, educational consultant, and disability advocate, I will help you recognize the organization’s biases by looking at the assumptions made about how students learn. I will provide customized insight into changes you can make to give all learners a sense of connection and belonging. I will supply your organization with specific actions to take to make the distribution of learning activities accessible, engaging, functional, and impactful. I will also help your organization avoid harmful practices.

What if our organization doesn’t provide services for neurodivergent / disabled learners?

Even if your organization does not cater specifically to neurodivergent/disabled learners or educators, by designing through the lens of inclusion, you will benefit all learners, professionals, members, and attendees.

You will also be sure to support individuals who may not yet have received a diagnosis.

Would you be willing to speak at our organization?

Yes! I believe we are all teachers, and we are all students. Adults should never stop learning!

Professional development should be ongoing, relevant, and practical. I bring current perspectives, practices, and principles to parents, staff, teams, and clients so that we can, collectively, begin to transform the educational landscape for all.

I am available for online workshops and conferences. My talks are ideal for schools, school boards, school districts, home-educating associations, rehabilitation centers, and online conferences/event organizers.

Some themes I can speak on:

  • The ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of Academic Accessibility
  • Beyond Differentiated Instruction: Creating Accessible, Inclusive, and Equitable Learning Environments
  • Recognizing How Internalized Ableism Informs Our Approach to Education
  • The Basics of Universal Design for Learning

I can also build a custom talk for your audience.

Please contact me directly to inquire how I can be a speaker at your organization’s online event.

What are the payment options?
I accept all major credit cards and Paypal. I will provide you with a receipt if you require one for your organization.
What is your cancellation/ rescheduling policy?

If you have scheduled an appointment for the Discover Call and can’t make it, you can reschedule it the same way you booked it, even if you decide to cancel. The details of this policy are in your Welcome Package (sent to you at the time of booking). Cancellations for work beyond the Discovery call are outlined in our contract.