Core Beliefs About Education

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You already have a belief about education. ⁣


⁣Is it merely about an imparting of pedagogical information from one person to another, or is it more?⁣

Is the adult the sole decision-maker?⁣

Is education the drilling of skills?⁣



  • Do you aim to understand the learner at their core?⁣
  • Do you value and encourage curiosity?⁣
  • Do you impart respect for diversity?⁣
  • Do you help the child see themselves as a valuable member of a community?⁣
  • Do you allow the child to lead, contribute, and collaborate in their learning? ⁣

What about you as facilitator? ⁣

  • What is your role?
  • Do you reflect and expand from your experiences?⁣
  • Are you knowledgeable about a variety of educational philosophies?⁣
  • What is your understanding of ableism and its effects on chronically ill/disabled and neurodivergent individuals?
  • Are you trauma-informed?
  • What informed decisions do you make when it comes to education?

What are your core beliefs about education?


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