Effective Leaders Do Not Conform  

by | Professionals

Effective leaders do not conform. 

Conformity is the reason the more things change, the more they stay the same. 

Conformity is the reason the longer we speak of change, the more we return to antiquated practices. 

It takes guts to lead. It takes courage to stand up at meetings. It’s not for the feeble-hearted to share unpopular ideas because we know that poking the beast that’s been asleep for centuries will be met with opposition. And, then what? We also know nothing ever truly evolves.


Leading is not pleasing.

It’s not consenting to upper management. It’s not remaining silent.

We see it in politics, within an organization, and within our families. 

Authoritarian systems are crumbling. They are thirsty for contemporary leaders.

We can be agents for change, and we don’t have to be politicians to do it. Guided by the desire to make this world make sense–make it what it was meant to be, we have the power to effect change.


Effective leaders break the cycle.

It’s time to stop complaining behind closed doors and stand behind our beliefs. It’s time to step up for education.

How are you breaking that cycle within your home? With your children? With your family members? Within the classroom? Within the institution that employs you? How are you leading in education?


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