Freebie: Your 3-Month Planning Guide for Home Educating

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Planning the academic year is best done in chunks.

I like to break up the year into quarters, or three-month blocks.

To help you with this task, I have created a free handy planning guide.

The purpose of the booklet is to help you reflect on the learning block you recently completed, as well as to begin planning for the next three months.

As you use the guide, remember how your child learns best. I recommend going back to the planning series for a refresher.

Children require as many opportunities for touching, tasting, viewing, choice-making, and expressing themselves as possible. Each of these strands will look different from child to child–so be sure to plan for adaptations/modifications that best meet your child’s developmental level. Remember to include suggestions from therapists in your home education plans.

This free 11-page guide includes worksheets for you to

  • Reflect on what your child accomplished, skills you’d like to support, and how to get there in the next three months
  • Outline academic goals
  • Outline fine and gross motor skill goals
  • Outline social and emotional skill goals
  • Outline specific themes/activities
  • Outline materials/resources needed
  • Plan assessments
  • Use as a “Cheat Sheet” or summary
3 Month Homeschool Planning Worksheets 2 and 3

The guide includes reflection questions at a glace, along with work spaces for brainstorming. I suggest having your Homeschool Reflections Journal handy (or you can use the back of the printed sheets).

3 Month Homeschool Planning Worksheets 4 and 5

You have space for goal-setting as well as for envisioning how the outcomes will look. For example, if one social/emotional goal is for your child to play independently for 15 minutes, then you can write that it will look like he is using the toy for its intended purpose and not coming to you for help for 15 minutes.

3 Month Homeschool Planning Cheat Sheet

The Cheat Sheet is a summary of the brainstorming you do on the other pages. You can write in note-form here, and add this to your homeschool planner, or pin it in a central place in your home for easy reference.

This is the 3-Month Homeschool Planning Cheat Sheet in a square box version. I simply designed two versions - to give you a choice of format.

This is the 3-Month Homeschool Planning Cheat Sheet in a square box version. I designed two versions–to give you a choice of format.

Some examples of goals:

  • Academic skills (counting, reading, making observations, mapping, painting using a brush, etc.)
  • Fine motor skills (using scissors, holding a pencil, tracing, buttoning, zipping, writing, etc.)
  • Gross motor skills (jumping, kicking a ball, hopping on one foot, etc.)
  • Social/emotional skills (developing friendships, independent play, expressing emotions, meal-time skills, etc.)
  • Language/communication skills (using words, signs, PECS, AAC, or other methods of communication)
  • Intellectual skills (asking/ answering questions, following commands, etc.)



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