Planning the Homeschool Year for Your Child with Special Needs

planning the homeschool year for your child with special needs 500 x 500Planning the homeschool year can be daunting. You may find yourself searching online, looking through books, and wondering if you can do this. Whether this is your first year as a homeschooler or your last, rest assured that every parent/ educator feels that stab of overwhelm at one time or another.

This is why I’ve put together a mini-series of things to think about, to ask yourself and do to help you plan the homeschool year successfully.

Part 1 – Outlining your beliefs
Part 2 – Finding your child’s dominant intelligence(s) and learning style
Part 3 – Choosing an educational style
Part 4 – Locating the curriculum/ program & finding resources
Part 5 – Modifying/ adapting the curriculum
Part 6 – Planning the year
Part 7 – Mapping out the months
Part 8 – Planning the Week
Part 9 – Planning Your Day
Part 10- Assessments & Evaluations

Need additional help? 

To help you go from psychological report to a yearly homeschool plan for your child with special needs, I developed this step-by-step eWorkshop just for you! 

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