Adapting Board Games Video Series

Transform board games into accessible, inclusive experiences for all learners.

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What you get inside Adapting Board Games

Learn to adapt board games so that everyone can be included in board game play!

Adapting Board Games Video Series includes:

  • 10 bite-sized, self-paced video lessons containing:
    • Education-based theories
    • Adaptive strategies
    • Examples of successful adaptations
  • Series checklist to keep you on track
  • PDFs including a guide, slides, and a planner including most essential parts of the video plus some additional worksheets for brainstorming, reflecting, and planning
  • Reference charts with language to guide you with lesson planning, assessments, and report writing
  • Closed-captions and transcripts

This training series is intended for educators, teachers, therapists, tutors, parents, homeschoolers, or anyone wanting to start a gaming club.

Price: $75 USD*

*No refunds for digital products

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