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Transform board games into accessible, inclusive experiences for all learners.

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The Game Changer Toolkit by Gabriella Volpe

The Game Changer Toolkit includes:

  • Modified rules for five common board games:
    • UNO
    • Hedbanz
    • Tic-tac-toe
    • Jenga
    • Twister
  • Tips for adapting these games to support fine and gross motor skills, cognitive, and speech and language skills.
  • Tips are organized by ways to simplify, cooperate, and innovate.
  • Plus, there are creative ways to play these games without actually playing these games! (i.e., Use the game parts in new ways for learning.)

Price: $17 USD*

Educators, therapists, and tutors can have the cost of this resource covered through professional development funds. Please share the Board Games for Learning whitepaper with your administration to highlight the benefits of game-based learning and explore other board game products available. Invoices provided upon request.

*No refunds for digital products