Integrating Academics into Daily Life

Discover how to use your home as an effective setting for integrating academics into daily life for your neurodivergent or disabled homeschooler(s).

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What's included in Integrating Academics into Daily Life
Move beyond traditional schooling methods by using practical strategies within the rhythm you already have outlined and weaving in subject-specific learning experiences.

Integrating Academics into Daily Life includes:

  • Video workshop for homeschoolers (Duration: 37:15 minutes):
    • Why this topic right now?
    • How this method makes your life easier (Hint: It’s not an add-on!)
    • Big-picture thinking and planning
    • How to build academics into your daily anchors
    • Concrete examples of activities to do the above
    • Research-backed, lived-experience-supported strategies
  • Workbook with most essential slides, plus planning worksheets (printable and fillable versions)
  • Reference sheet with ideas for integrating academics into each part of your day
  • 3-step action plan to keep you on track
  • Closed-captions and transcript

This workshop is suitable for new and experienced homeschoolers and provides an excellent scaffold for transitioning into unschooling (if this is something you’ve been thinking about exploring!)

Price: $25 USD*

*No refunds for digital products