Discovery Call for Organizations

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Educational Consulting Agreement

Services Provided in the Discovery Call:

  1. A pre-session Welcome Package/Questionnaire (that’s this one) will be sent to the organization requiring the organization to send it back to Gabriella Volpe at least 24 hours before the session.
  2. The meeting will transpire via Google Meet for a one-hour introductory call where Gabriella Volpe will learn more about the organization’s needs. Gabriella Volpe can guide your organization to make fundamental transformations for accessibility and inclusion.
  3. If both parties agree, Gabriella will create a custom proposal for the organization. A follow-up meeting will then ensue, where the proposal will be discussed. The second appointment will be scheduled at the time of the initial meeting. A formal contract will be drawn at that time. Note: If the initial call does not result in the need for a proposal, the second meeting will be unnecessary and, therefore, cancelled.

Privacy Policy

The information collected in this package is used to:

  1. Improve the content of Gabriella Volpe’s website and the quality of Gabriella Volpe’s services
  2. Facilitate a one-on-one discovery call (the one you knowingly scheduled)

If the organization chooses to correspond with Gabriella Volpe through email, Gabriella Volpe may retain the content of the email messages together with the organization’s email address and Gabriella Volpe’s responses for professional use only. That means that Gabriella Volpe will only refer to the emails for direct use for consultations with the organization. The organization’s information remains confidential and will never be shared nor sold with a third party unless required to do so by law.

The information provided by the organization in the questionnaire is for business and taxation purposes only and will be kept on file and kept confidential at all times.


If the organization is viewing this document, it’s because the organization has scheduled a discovery call with Gabriella Volpe and has prepaid for the session online.

Cancellations/Rescheduling & Tardiness

If the organization has to reschedule:

If the organization knows in advance, the organization can make changes to the appointment online in the same way it was scheduled. Simply go here:

If it’s a last-minute change, please notify Gabriella Volpe at The organization will be prompted to reschedule in the same way the appointment was originally scheduled.

If the organization has to cancel:

If the organization elects to cancel altogether, Gabriella Volpe will refund the organization for the service outstanding. Allow up to 15 days from your written cancellation for the refund to be issued.

If the organization is tardy or absent:

The Discovery Call is made through the Google Meet link sent to the organization at the time of booking. Gabriella Volpe will allow for a maximum of 10 minutes for tardiness. If the representative of the organization fails to arrive at the appointment, Gabriella Volpe will abandon the call. The organization will be charged for the call regardless.

If Gabriella Volpe has to cancel or reschedule:

If Gabriella Volpe must cancel a session, Gabriella Volpe will give the organization advance notice through email. Gabriella Volpe will ask to reschedule the call in the same fashion it was originally scheduled. If Gabriella Volpe fails to notify the organization up to one hour before the session or does not attend for whatever reason, it will result in a free 30-minute session for the organization in addition to the make-up/rescheduled session.

Here is a run-down of how the consultation will transpire:

  1. The organization will schedule an appointment with Gabriella Volpe. (This is done already since the organization has received this package).
  2. The organization will receive this Welcome Package/Questionnaire, read it, and fill it out and sign it. The organization must return it to Gabriella Volpe in its entirety at least 24 hours before the first session in the same way it was received. If the organization fails to return this package signed by the required time, Gabriella Volpe will have to ask the organization to cancel or reschedule the session. Gabriella Volpe uses the legal portion for legal coverage that protects both the organization and Gabriella Volpe.
  3. At the time of the scheduled appointment, the meeting will occur through the Google Meet link sent to the organization.
  4. A feedback form will be sent after the final session so that Gabriella Volpe may better her services.

Note: If there are any access needs Gabriella Volpe should know about that might impede filling out of the Welcome Package/Questionnaire, or for attending a call on Google Meet, please inform her.

Agreement and Understanding*

By signing below, the organization agrees to adhere to all that’s contained within this document:

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Full name of the representative of the organization*

Educational Consulting Questionnaire

This questionnaire is meant to inform Gabriella Volpe of the organization’s current standing. Each portion is required for business purposes only and will be kept on file and confidential at all times. Please fill this out and return it at least 24 hours before the scheduled session.


A. Organization’s Contact Information


B. About the Organization

(Teachers, therapists, students, parents, etc.)

C. About the Consultation

What is the challenge the organization might be having? What is the organization hoping to gain more insight about?
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