pencilsHello homeschoolers!  I’m so happy you’ve come along for the journey.

What I provide here is a little getaway from your day – some affirmation that you have a lot of things going right, but some innovative bits of wisdom for those times you need something new.

I will get really raw and truthful about what I try, how my days go, and what honestly keeps me running on a daily basis.  I get real about academics, but even more so about raising a child with a physical and intellectual delay.

I also share my thoughts on anything mainstream – and not.  On anything controversial – and not.

Don’t expect to find unrealistic ideas or perfectly organized spaces.  Like you, I am a real mother with a real home and real realities.

Let me take away your heavy burdens for a while as I bring you trustworthy support on your journey.

I’ve tossed out the chalk and created this space: a space to heal together, to learn together and to be vulnerable together.  Because nothing is more enlightening than the learning that takes place within the loving spaces in our home.