What if Educational Change Is Possible?

by | Professionals

I reflect a lot about the state of education.


I have experienced a great deal of anger and disbelief about decisions made over individuals rather than with.


Teachers are fed up with their working conditions and never being heard. Home-educating parents are upset about unrealistic demands made of them within their homes. Unions and associations supporting both groups are working feverishly to bring transformation to the education of our youth.


With system heads unwilling to deeply listen to parents, teachers, and students, it’s hard to imagine that anything would ever change for the better.


Lately, I’ve allowed myself to dream as I envision what would be possible if there were true collaborations in place of dictatorship.


What if we sat at the same table?


What if individuals and their stories were seen?


What if the way things once were no longer prescribed the way things should be and would be in future?


What if educational change is possible?


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