What if We Did Caregiving Differently?

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What if we did caregiving differently?


What if systems of care weren’t a one-size-fits-all solution?

What if the end-user had a say?

What if we trusted the end-user’s personal experience?

What if we didn’t impose?

What if support were preventative rather than reactive?

What if time were not wasted? What if client/patient time were respected?

What if resources were used wisely?

What if a family’s culture and customs were taken into consideration?

What if decision-making was shared, rather than hierarchical?

What if professionals weren’t overloaded? What if they were paid equitably?

What if those in positions of authority were those with lived experiences in the very thing they authorize?

What if what already works was considered each time?

What if we didn’t overcomplicate the process?

What if it were possible?


Quality care is a human right, and we must demand it.


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