The Absurd Demands of Conventional Education

by | Professionals

Can you imagine if we handled life experiences the way conventional education handles students?⠀

After attending a hockey game, you are required to write an essay about what you observed.⠀

After grocery shopping, you must take a multiple-choice exam about items you find in each aisle.⠀

After baking cookies, you need to put together a science exhibition detailing the chemical reactions between baking powder and flour.⠀

After talking with your bank clerk, you’re required to outline your financial portfolio in a PowerPoint presentation so that your great aunt twice removed can understand it from the other side of the world in a different language.⠀

When we prioritize proof of learning over the process of learning, we, too, request ridiculous things from students.⠀

How are the absurd demands of the authoritarian model of education showing up in your home?

In your school?

In your workplace?

Within your community?⠀


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