Honoring the Child

by | Professionals

How are you honoring the child in your learning environment?


As much as it appears that educators, parents, and students are sometimes at odds, the reality is, we all want the same thing.

We’re simply not communicating it well.⠀

What do we want?⠀

We want to honor children.

Whether in the home, in the classroom, or before a screen, we all desire the best for our children.⠀

Due to governmental conditioning, we might be a little misguided in how we are attempting to get there.⠀

I invite you to reflect:

How is the child being honored in the learning environment you are providing? ⠀

Never mind the type of training you received as a child.

Forget what has been done in the past and how many obstacles are in your way in the present. ⠀

You can honor the child right where you are, at this moment, with whatever you are given, and with all that you have to give. ⠀


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