Adapted Halloween Games (+ FREE Printable Games)

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Halloween is an excellent theme for exploring new sights, sounds, and vocabulary.


Halloween invites:

  • Play with words through rhymes and songs
  • Multisensory experiences (autumn scents, new textures, eerie sounds, creative sights)
  • Props to be used year-round (e.g., skeletons for study on the human body, etc.)
  • Opportunities for exposure to new games!

For neurodivergent and disabled learners, Halloween can be quite inclusive. There’s something for everyone!

Board games bring family and friends together. The games in this package are designed to be adapted to the child’s needs so everyone can participate in some Halloween fun!

Note: You know the child best. If any part of Halloween may trigger a trauma response in the learner, consider using autumn images and words instead.

Photo of Halloween image board game

Halloween image game board with predictable sentence option. I have added loop and hook dots to each square to stabilize the game pieces. Note: Game pieces are not included. I am using small toys we already own. What can you find in your space?


Playing the Halloween Trick or Treating game

Players move around the board like they might go around the block on Halloween night. As players land on each square, they explore new vocabulary (also known as “low-frequency” or “fringe words” for AAC users).

Mix and match the game cards to create new versions of the same game.

These games target:

  • Reading and writing objectives for emergent readers and writers
  • Word recognition
  • Letter recognition (uppercase and lowercase)
  • Movement objectives (players can walk or use their mobility aids to retrieve cards

Required materials

  • Game boards (provided), printed (and laminated, optional)
  • Game cards (provided), printed (and laminated, optional)
  • Player tokens (from other game boards or handmade)
  • Hook and loop dots (suggested for children requiring more stability with the game board, add dots to each of the board game squares and underneath player tokens)
  • Die of the best size for the child (with dots or with numbers)
  • The child’s communication methods or devices (including ASL, low- or high-tech AAC, etc.)


Photo of Halloween word game board

This is the game board with the word option for emergent to conventional readers. Feel free to mix and match the cards provided in the package (e.g., match the word to the image or letter cards). The boards are made to be played in any direction—clockwise or counterclockwise. Have the learner choose at the start of each game how they want to travel “around the block!”


Photo of Halloween word board game with predictable chart option

For emergent to conventional readers. Players complete the predictable sentence each time they land on a square. Mix and match with other game cards provided in the package (e.g., match words with the image or letter cards). Note: Use one die or two dice, depending on the student’s math skills. 


Photo of Halloween game cards

This package comes with four sets of cards: image cards, word cards, lowercase letter cards, and uppercase letter cards. Get creative! Mix and match the cards with the boards depending on the skills you want to target.


Included in the package:

  • Four sets of cards (image cards, word cards, lowercase letter cards, and uppercase letter cards)
  • Four board games plus two bonus boards (an image board, a word board, a lowercase letter board, an uppercase letter board, and two boards with predictable sentences)


Photo of 4 Halloween game boards provided

Included in the package are four board games plus two bonus boards: an image board, a word board, a lowercase letter board, an uppercase letter board, and two boards with predictable sentences.

Display of some of the pages included in this package



Download the FREE Trick or Treating game package here! (Now with fillable game board and card templates!)






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