Child-Centered Learning

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I believe opportunities arise just as we need them. 


This is why I follow my son’s lead.

In a print-rich, language-abundant, nurturing environment, children naturally gravitate towards what interests them, and what they are ready to receive. ⁣

It takes a keen and acutely attentive adult to tune into the subtleties of readiness. Things like increased attention span, attentiveness to, and awareness of specific concepts are among the signs of learning readiness. ⁣

Because society is preoccupied with production and the meeting of goals and standards (which is prevalent in mandatory schooling), we forget that doing life is education. ⁣


I have come a long way since the artificially contrived activities of the classroom mindset penetrated our home in the early years. It’s only once I began focusing on, listening to, and respecting my son that I realized I am not an expert at all. ⁣

I trust the process of learning that happens in our home because I trust my son’s innate ability to inform me when he’s ready for more.

Once I pick up on this cue, I provide additional support. I also trust that if I miss the signal, life will support him in just the way he needs and for as long as he needs until I further expand resources. ⁣


When I prepare themes and activities in advance, I enforce my ideas and interests upon him.

When I allow him to be the expert in his own learning, I nurture autonomy, resourcefulness, creativity, self-determination, and freedom of self-expression. 

This is how in-depth learning happens in our home. ⁣


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