We are all teachers

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Whether we homeschool or not, we are all teachers. ⁣

In raising and educating my disabled son, I have struggled to find that fine line between doing school at home and doing life in the world.⁣⁣

It’s a never-ending conversation I have with myself:

  • Teaching versus student-led learning?⁣
  • Expecting versus allowing?⁣
  • Drilling versus guiding?⁣
  • Training versus nourishing?⁣
  • Changing versus letting go?⁣

Parents of disabled children strive to do the right thing.

Medical and rehabilitative institutions hammer in early intervention as the key to their success. ⁣

We climb on that wacky bandwagon of “doing it all” to make our children like others. Then, we find we like our children just the way they are. What’s more is that our children like themselves the way they are, too.⁣

What are we teaching?⁣

Are we teaching our kids to fit into a box (and scramble to find the just-right curriculum to get them there)?

Or, are we teaching that diversity is beautiful and that a learning pace is individual and that boxes are for Amazon orders, not for people?⁣

⁣What are you teaching?


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