Day 29: Planning the Morning Circle – The Complete Planner (FREE!)

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This is a post out of the 31 Days of Morning Circles. You can find the main page for this series here.

In this post, I help you plan the morning circle from A-Z. I’ve created a printable planner for you to help you organize the activities based on the academic goals for the child.

The one thing to keep in mind is that you can make the morning circle as simple or as complex as you’d like. You can focus on one goal for as long as required, or change up the goals daily.


The Complete Morning Cricle Planner

Morning Circle Reference Card

Use this page as a reference for possible activities. Corresponding starter activities are offered in this series.

Morning Cirlce Daily Planner

This page is similar to the one I created on Day 7. Use this one to help you plan materials alongside each activity.

About my child

This page is meant to help you remember how your child learns best. It also allows you to write your yearly goals in point form so that you can refer to this sheet when planning the morning circle.

Morning Circle Monthly Planner

You can quickly plan a month’s worth of main activities on this calendar page. Just write in the month and dates, and you’ve got yourself an at-a-glance reference page.

Morning Circle Weekly Planner 1

What goals will you tackle this week in the main activity section? Just list them, then plot them on the weekly scheduler.

Morning Circle_Weekly Planner

This is the same planner I included on Day 8. You can print this and laminate it for use as a visual schedule for your child.

Resource for you:

The Complete Morning Circle Planner (FREE!)


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