31 Days of Morning Circle Activities for the Child with Special Needs

31 days of morning circle activities for the child with special needs 500x500Welcome to the 31 Days of Morning Circle Activities for the Child with Special Needs!

The term “morning circle” can have many connotations, depending on your situation. If you’re homeschooling, you might consider this a time when you gather (in circle or not) each morning to connect with your child(ren) to work on skills in an intimate setting. If you’re after-schooling, you might be connecting with your child(ren) on weekend mornings with the intention to target some academic goals in addition to family connection time.

No matter which day you’re gathering, you have found this page because you believe in the magic of the morning. You understand how the sunrise brings renewed energy to you and to your family. You know how much easier it is to connect with your child with special needs after a [good] night’s rest.

This 31-day series is for the family that wants to learn to use the morning hours to set a rhythm to the day, to introduce new skills and to adapt typical “circle time” activities specifically for the child with special needs. I show you how to make this time of day a successful one so that no matter what else happens in your day, you will have had this satisfying, fruitful and loving moment.

31 Days of Morning Circle Activities for the Child with Special Needs

Day 1: Introduction & Challenges
Day 2: Benefits of Morning Connections
Day 3: Set-Up: Location
Day 4: Set-Up: Positioning
Day 5: Set-up: Materials
Day 6: Set-Up: General Adaptations
Day 7: Set-Up: The Daily Structure (+ FREE planner)
Day 8: Set-Up: The Weekly Structure (+ FREE planner)
Day 9: Opening Activity: Welcome Songs & Chants
Day 10: Opening Activity: Meditation
Day 11: Opening Activity Introducing the Story
Day 12: Opening Activity: Sharing a Story
Day 13: Opening Activity: Daily Weather
Day 14: Opening Activity: Thematic Song Choice
Day 15: Main Activity: Numeracy Activity
Day 16: Main Activity: Music Activity
Day 17: Main Activity: Art-Prep
Day 18: Main Activity: Drawing Practice
Day 19: Main Activity: Movement
Day 20: Main Activity: Name Practice
Day 21: Main Activity: Flannel Board Activity
Day 22: Main Activity: Feelings
Day 23: Main Activity: Practicing ADL Skills
Day 24: Main Activity: Rebus Text
Day 25: Closing Activity
Day 26: Taking it Outdoors
Day 27: Executing the Morning Circle
Day 28: Morning Circle for the Child with Higher Cognitive Functioning
Day 29: Planning the Morning Circle: The Complete Planner (+ FREE 7-page printable)
Day 30: Resources
Day 31: Giveaway (Giveaway expired. Page removed)

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