31 Days of Morning Circle Activities

For families, caregivers, and teachers of disabled, chronically ill, and neurodivergent children.

The term “morning circle” can have many connotations, depending on your situation.

If you’re home educating, you might consider this a time when you gather (in circle or not) each morning to connect with your child(ren) to work on skills in an intimate setting. If you’re after-schooling, you might be connecting with your child(ren) on weekend mornings with the intention to target some academic goals in addition to family connection time. And, in the classroom, the children are gathering as a class or in smaller groups, building classroom connections.


No matter which day you’re gathering, you have found this page because you believe in the magic of the morning.


You understand how the sunrise brings renewed energy to you and to your family.

You know how much easier it is to connect with children after a [good] night’s rest.

This 31-day Morning Circle Activities series is for those who want to learn to use the morning hours to set a rhythm to the day, to introduce new skills, and to adapt typical “circle time” activities.

I show you how to make this time of day a successful one so that no matter what else happens in your day, you will have had this satisfying, fruitful, and loving moment right from the start.

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