Debriefing Professional Development (+ FREE Organizer!)

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Get the most out of your professional development.

How often have you left PD workshops motivated and inspired, only to return to your routine the next day? Your notes end up at the bottom of a pile because you are overwhelmed with daily tasks. You plan to find time to synthesize the learning—“one day.”

Maximize professional development time!

Wouldn’t it be great to begin planning while you’re at the training? You have time away from working with students/clients to build skills and knowledge. Use it wisely!

I created an organizer to help you integrate the learning from any training, course, or workshop so that you can implement the strategies immediately. It works great for online sessions as well as in-person seminars.

Screenshot of organizer page

Take notes and reflect as you go.

Screenshot of organizer page 2

Some PDs remind us of things we never want to do while reinforcing those that we do. What do you never want to implement in your work? What will you definitely implement in your work going forward? Jot it down here.

Screenshot of Action Plan Calendar Page

Plot the plan of action on a yearly calendar. Alternately, use square sticky notes and move them around the calendar as you brainstorm.

Use the organizer to:

  • take notes
  • reflect on the learning (note what doesn’t jive with you as well as what does)
  • initiate discussions with colleagues at your next staff meeting
  • plan action steps going forward.

Keeping track of your learning will keep you on track!

While you listen and learn, be intentional about why, when, and how you will implement the strategies.

Download the FREE (fillable) debriefing professional development organizer here.


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