Establishing Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity in Your Spaces

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Diversity, inclusion, and equity are often used interchangeably, but they aren’t one and the same. The definitions are complex and ever-evolving.⠀

I like to look at diversity, inclusion, and equity in these terms:⠀

  • Diversity is the presence of differences in any given space
  • Inclusion is feeling valued and welcomed in that space
  • Equity is what we to ensure everyone feels valued and welcomed in all spaces

My son’s story compelled me to see things differently. We shouldn’t have to be touched personally to change things broadly.⠀

We are each responsible for ensuring representation, nurturing inclusion, and changing approaches to ensure feels valued and welcomed in spaces. ⠀

These days, I like to make it a challenge with everything I do.

I ask: 


How am I ensuring diversity, inclusion, and equity in this space? 


It’s revealing to see how much I don’t do, and how even tiny changes can make a big impact.⠀

How are establishing diversity, inclusion, and equity in your spaces? Hint: “Space” can mean in your home, classroom, workplace, in your business, social circles and social events, online, etc.


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