What if Education Were Revamped Entirely?

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Authoritarian models of education have taught us to rely on others to structure our learning.

We were taught to mistrust our intuition. We were trained to need external influences to motivate us.⠀

Today’s parents are the product of the authoritarian model of education.⠀

When parents don’t trust their skills to guide their children, it’s because the militant educational model has succeeded in its mission: to train large populations of young minds how to think. After so many years of conditioning, today’s grown-ups have learned to look outward, accept, and comply.⠀

The authoritarian model of education created guidelines for assessing success that parents believe they don’t intuitively possess.

It shaped the need for clearly defined maps designed by others in higher tiers. It generated dependence. It orchestrated self-doubt.⠀

Dependence keeps us doubting ourselves.⠀

Self-doubt keeps us mistrusting our world.⠀

Mistrust keeps us quiet, compliant, and small.⠀

This is also true for teachers and other professionals who have little influence over educational policies. They, too, do what they are told and report to superiors with little desire to create change because they know what effort it would require to be heard. They comply.⠀

The cycle continues into the workforce until retirement. Answering to teachers and principals shifts to answering to supervisors and CEOs, who then report to a government that reinforces militant thought. They comply, too.⠀

What would happen if education were revamped entirely?

What if children were given the autonomy to think and the independence to learn in ways that matter to them?

What if they didn’t have to line up like soldiers and raise their hands to be seen and heard?

What if children were valued just as much as the adults in the room?

How would their future look?

Who would they be?

What kind of organizations would they lead, and how?⠀


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