When Inspiration Drives Learning, Motivation Is Unnecessary

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When inspiration drives learning, motivation is unnecessary.⠀

Education often focuses on external motivation to get children to complete set tasks and achieve pre-identified goals.⠀

What if, rather than coaxing a student to do what they don’t necessarily what to do, we inspire instead?⠀

Inspiration pulls out of the student what’s already there: passions, desires, and interests.⠀

Inspiration is everywhere in our world.


It’s in the minds of great teachers, administrators, child care workers, coaches, tutors, mentors, parents, and guides.

Inspiration is in our big, beautiful world. Mostly, inspiration comes from within.⠀

Children don’t need irrelevant cheerleaders to learn and grow. They need powerful mind-feeders.⠀

Children don’t need contrived goals. They need a deep-seated purpose.⠀

Children don’t need an outcome-based education. They need interest-based experiences.⠀

Children don’t need standardized testing. They need a new way to perceive success.⠀

Children don’t need to be motivated when they are aligned with their values, seen for their passions, and encouraged to pursue their purpose.⠀

How does inspiration-driven learning look in the classroom of the child’s life?⠀


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