Why We Need to Prioritize Accessibility

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Accessibility is not just a trend or a nice thing to do.


There is an increase in demand for inclusion, especially within education. If we’re not prioritizing accessibility, we’re sending the message that not everyone is welcome.


Five reasons we need to prioritize accessibility


1. It’s the law. Over 100 countries have enacted accessibility laws. Several countries, including the USA, Canada, Denmark, Ecuador, Hong Kong, India (and many more), have also adopted web accessibility laws. UseableNet Inc. reported 3500 lawsuits in 2020 over inaccessible websites.

Whether an educator, clinician, bricks and mortar or online school, a tutoring center, an educational site, publisher, or running any kind of business on or offline, we’re required by law to make products and services accessible.


2. It’s less costly upfront. Whether building a curriculum or a website, it’s always best to consider accessibility upfront. It’s less costly in terms of money and time to build accessibility into the plan than to modify things later.


3. It’s not an add-on. Accessibility should not be an afterthought but part of every step in every process.


4. It’s inclusive. By making your content, curriculum, school, center, or website accessible, we let everyone know they are invited and belong.


5. It creates opportunities. By including everyone, we create possibilities and options for everyone, including ourselves and our organizations, in ways we could not otherwise.


Knowing where to start might seem daunting at first, but the accessible perspective will become second nature in time.


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