Drive Teaching by Addressing the “Why”

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Some of the things we request from children make very little sense.


Worksheets asking question after question about a book sucks the life out of it.

As parents and teachers of disabled or neurodivergent children, we always feel we need to do more.

Drive it home more.

Drill it in more.

Ask more.

Test more.

Check off all the boxes.


Whether it be reading, writing, or any other skill-building practice, ask yourself why your child needs to learn this and ask yourself how that skill looks for you.

After writing an email, who drills you on the sounds of letters?

After reading a book, do you turn to your significant other with a desire to build a diorama of the setting?⠀

Some of the things we ask our children to do are silly. Some are outright ridiculous. Most are entirely unnecessary and not reflective of life.⠀⠀

Why does a child need to learn to read?

Why do you want them to learn to write?

You’ll find that your approach to learning will be better defined when you can address the ‘why.’


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