Day 25: Closing Activity – Morning Circle

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This is a post out of the 31 Days of Morning Circles. You can find the main page for this series here.

Note: If you’re reading this series for the first time, I suggest you look at the daily structure post to understand the routine we follow in our morning circle.

Now that you have some ideas for opening the morning circle as well as what skills you can work on within the circle, you can officially close the gathering. This indicates to the child that you are going to move on to something else while ending on a positive note.

Closing activity in the morning circle

I like to close with a song, an intention, or prayer. I list some suggestions for you here.

  • Easy-to-Learn Goodbye Song – Two songs by Ryan Judd (since you’re not really saying “goodbye” to your child, you might choose to sing “all done” instead)

Here’s a song I sometimes use that I adapted from the original.

The More We Get Together

The more we get together,
Together, together,
The more we get together,
The happier we’ll be.

For your smile and your heart
Make me smile and warm my heart,
The more we get together,
The happier we’ll be!

Then I add: “Let’s meet again tomorrow!”

This is an intention I composed.

Intention for the Morning Circle

I will learn,
I will shine,
I will live
A life that’s mine.
I will smile,
I will sing,
I will be grateful
For everything.

I like to end by gently ringing a bell and resting in silence for a few seconds. Even if my son doesn’t remain silent, he notices.

How do you end your morning circle?


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