Day 26: Taking the Morning Circle Outdoors

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This is a post out of the 31 Days of Morning Circles. You can find the main page for this series here.

The morning circle can be easily adapted for different settings as long as you can position the child safely. When the weather permits, we take the morning circle outside. We follow the same daily structure outdoors so that the new setting isn’t distracting for my son.

Below are some ideas for the main activities part of the circle when you take the morning circle outside.


water play in the outdoor morning circle

The main activity could be pouring water into buckets.

Drawing outdoors

Drawing is the main activity.

Scoopers and waterplay in the outdoor morning circle

Using a water table and scoopers could also be the main activity.

the road less travelled_feet

Sometimes, the morning circle takes place at our local park. I sit on a bench and my little guy in his adapted stroller.


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