The Message in the Resistance in Learning

by | Professionals

The number one question I receive is what to do about motivation. The child is either unmotivated or is easily bored. ⠀

I don’t believe in forcing children to do anything.


The child’s resistance in learning is a message.


What is that message?

  • Do they need more breaks?⠀
  • Do they need a different approach? ⠀
  • Is the work at their developmental level?⠀
  • Is the curriculum a right fit?⠀
  • Do they need more variety? ⠀
  • Or, do they need less? Less subjects to tackle in a day? Less “school” hours? Less pressure?⠀

It’s OK to take a step back to asses the situation for a few days. ⠀

What is the child resisting?


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