Lies Society Accepts About Education

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Homeschoolers are in a power position to break the cycle of lies society accepts about education.

Parents are considered to be “good enough” to raise their children until about age 3, but then we are expected to hand our children off to a system of strangers because we are no longer deemed qualified. ⁣

The best educational path for a child is the one that is most suitable for the family (and for the child). My intention is not to shame public schoolers. Yet, some awakening needs to be had about what we have internalized about education.⁣

Take daycare, for instance.

The daycare model is a business model that stemmed from the necessity of working-class parents. Today, it is insinuated that we must send our children to daycare or preschool to “catch up” so they will be at-level by the time they enter formal schooling. This is a lie.⁣

Each year, thousands of parents sign their children up to conventional schools. The school structure as we know it stemmed from the need to train children of war to work in factories. Today, we are sold the idea that only someone outside the family can give the child worth and a better education. This is a lie.⁣

Consider the grouping of children into grade-levels.

This classification came about from the need to organize thousands of children into manageable sizes. Today, we are led to believe that children learn best when chunked together into mini-clubs of same-aged peers, and anyone who doesn’t naturally fit the group is a problem. More lies.⁣

Homeschoolers know and have always known these are myths.

When lawmakers feed us tales of inadequacy, of the need to depend on authority, and the necessity of organized groupings, we begin to doubt ourselves. That’s precisely what people in positions of power do to control our decisions and choices. It’s a sleight of hand. ⁣

Presently, in Quebec, homeschoolers are faced with the requirement of provincial exams within our homes (among other regulations) without the Ministry understanding our children’s needs. ⁣

Don’t fall prey to the belief that you need to revert to public school approaches simply because this threat looms overhead.

You are more than qualified to guide the way.

You chose to homeschool to avoid the powerplays.

Stay the course. N’abandonne pas. ⁣


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