Standardized Tests Are Ableist

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Standardized tests are inherently ableist.


This one-size-fits-all method of evaluation is highly problematic and often debated in conventional schooling (only skimming on the fact that it’s discriminatory). In the homeschool setting, they’re an abomination.⁣

⁣Mandatory standardized examinations for children educated at home (presently a requirement for Quebec homeschoolers) do not take into account a child’s reality and undermine a parent’s experience of their child. ⁣

⁣Exams are designed for the success of one type of student: the one who is good at taking tests. Is that you? I most certainly know it’s not me, and I consider myself to be the ideal lecture-hall learner.⁣

⁣We chose alternative schooling because my son does not fit a conventional system. Yet, this same system, cultivated on privilege and authoritarianism, is permitted to judge and rule in my own home—without ever having met my child.⁣

⁣Once again, my son’s worth is based on output and productivity (and the ability to take a test). ⁣

Homeschooled children are set up to fail. ⁣

The political motive is easy to sniff out. If enough children fail (many of whom are homeschooled because they fall on the edges of the Bell curve), officials can [falsely] provide evidence to the general population that homeschooling doesn’t work. This is a great way to get societal support in favor of public education. This also creates a hot zone for establishing more stringent regulations with the goal of abolishing homeschooling altogether. ⁣


⁣Governments are reliant on regulations so that we can be kept in line.


⁣Traditional schools meet the needs of the government. Forced standardization, however, has no business in my home. ⁣

Continue to awaken and remain active in your awareness.

I don’t believe for a second we can be made to fold.⁣


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