Plan With the End In Mind

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As homeschooling parents, we can get a little off-kilter about our children’s education. We are tempted by sparkling new curricula and we ask ourselves if we are doing enough. ⁣

We want to do better. We’ll be more organized. We’ll do all the things, and all the therapies, and all the rehabilitation activities, and join all the groups. ⁣

Instead, I ask you to take a deep breath. 


Each time you’re distracted by [seemingly] greener grass across the street, ask yourself: ⁣


What is it all for?⁣

Go back to your “why” for homeschooling and with each new activity, ask yourself what the end goal is. ⁣

  • How will coloring 20 red apple pictures today serve my child in 20 years?⁣
  • How will putting together a ginormous diorama today serve my child when I’m no longer around?⁣
  • How will rewarding my child with stickers each time they do something “good” serve them when no one is around to cheer them on?⁣

I’m not saying not to color apple pictures, reward your child, or create dioramas. (I mean, who doesn’t love a good diorama every now and again?) I’m bringing your attention to the” why” of everything you do. ⁣

When you look at the end goal, you will likely find that you have enough curricula for a lifetime, you probably over-plan, and you’re focusing on minutiae that won’t serve your child in the long run. ⁣

So, what’s your end goal?


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