Adapted Board Game for Spring (+ FREE Download!)

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Enjoy spring with a fun-filled, adapted board game!

Spring brings new life and many special holidays to celebrate. As the days get longer and warmer, the animals come out to play and the fields start to burst with color. This is the time when farmers start planting their crops and get ready for the growing season. In this adapted board game, kids will work on number recognition, counting forward, sequencing, and one-to-one correspondence as they take in the many sights, sounds, and scents of the season!

This adapted board game for spring is inclusive and it’s FREE to download and play!


Adapted board game for spring in play

Adapted board game for spring!

Playing the adapted board game for spring

This is a “Chutes and Ladders” style game. Players move around the board from 1-10, 1-20, or 1-25. Choose the board that best meets the player’s math skill level. As players land on each circle, they identify and name the number.

This board game targets these skills:

  • Number recognition
  • Counting forward
  • Sequencing
  • One-to-one correspondence
  • Following directions
  • Taking turns
  • Dealing with disappointment

Required materials

  • Game board(s) (provided), printed (and laminated, optional)
  • Player tokens (from other game boards, mini toys, or make your own!)
  • Hook and loop dots (suggested for players requiring more stability with the game board, add dots to each of the board game circles and underneath player tokens)
  • Die, spinner, or popper (choose what works best for the player)
  • Communication methods or devices the child uses (including ASL, low- or high-tech AAC, etc.)


Adapted Board Game for Spring in play

Use toys or playing parts from other games as player tokens! Having a variety of shapes and sizes helps players requiring visual and fine motor supports.

Benefits of the adapted board game for spring

  • No reading is required.
  • Since it’s numbers-based, it can be used for multi-language learning.
  • The size of the board and the use of loop and hook dots make this a great game for on-the-go.
  • Simple and visually appealing.
Neurodivergent and disabled learners are often left out of board game play. This video series shows you how to adapt the games you already own so everyone can be included! Find out more about the Adapting Board Games Video Series here.


Adapted board game for spring with all board games included

This package comes with two age-respectful design versions of the same game. It also includes boards to accommodate varying math skill levels. 

Adapted board game for spring 1-10

Board games for varying skill levels include boards with numbers 1-10, 1-20, and 1-25.

Adapted board game for spring with high-contrast die

Use a high-contrast die for players requiring visual support.

Included in the package

  • 4 print-and-play board games in 2 age-respectful versions
  • Directions for variations

About age-respectful board games

This package includes age-respectful versions of the same game. The option of two designs allows older players to enjoy the game without the stigma of juvenile-looking images. Offer both versions and allow the player to choose.



Download the FREE adapted board game for spring here!









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