Adapted Valentine Game (+ FREE Printable Game!)

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Valentine’s Day makes a great theme for exploring vocabulary around friendship, family, love, giving, and receiving.


Valentine’s Day invites:

  • Play with words through rhymes, stories, and songs
  • Multisensory experiences (bright colors, treats, various textures, etc.)
  • Opportunities for exposure to new games!

Board games bring family, friends, and classmates together. The game in this package is designed to be played solo or with a partner. Reading is not required to play. Ideal for multi-language learning, including ASL or AAC.


Valentine board game in play

Valentine’s Day “Roll the Die” board game. Note: Game pieces are not included. I am using tokens we already own. What can you find in your space?


Playing the adapted Valentine’s Day board game

As players place their tokens on each corresponding square, they explore new vocabulary (also known as “low-frequency” or “fringe words” for AAC users). The words get repeated two more times in gameplay.

This game targets the basics of playing a board game:

  • Building connections with others
  • Taking turns
  • Following directions
  • Completing a task
  • Spatial awareness
  • Rolling a die
  • Counting dots on a die
  • Matching/recognizing the number of dots

Required materials

  • “Roll the Die” Game board (provided), printed (and laminated, optional)
  • Player tokens (provided), printed (and laminated, optional), or save paper and ink by using tokens/chips you already own (two different colors/shades or shapes)
  • Hook and loop dots (suggested for players requiring more stability with the game board, add dots to each of the board game squares and underneath player tokens)
  • Die of the best size for the player (with dots to match this game or with numbers for an extra challenge)
  • Communication methods or devices the learner uses (including ASL, low- or high-tech AAC, etc.)


Benefits of the adapted Valentine’s Day board game

  • No reading is required, yet it can easily target literacy skills (variations offered in the package).
  • Since it’s images only, it can be used for multi-language learning.
  • The size of the board and the use of loop and hook dots make this a great game for on-the-go.
  • Unlike games that test players’ strategic skills, this inclusive game design takes the pressure off and allows for a stress-free experience.
  • Simple and visually appealing.


Valentine board game with transparent loop and hook dots

After laminating the board game sheet, I add loop and hook dots to each square. This helps stabilize the tokens while in gameplay. To be able to see the images, use transparent loop and hook dots.


Loop and hook dots on tokens for Valentine board game

I always set up my games in this way: the transparent loops are sitting on the board, and the non-transparent hooks are on the tokens. This way, I can interchange playing pieces and tokens from one game to the next, and they stick!


Strategy versus luck in board game play

Games like Tic-tac-toe or Connect 4 might be difficult for some players because they require logic and strategy. This game was designed to offer a similar experience with the alternative element of chance.

While games that rely on chance can sometimes be frustrating, they don’t strip away at the players’ self-esteem like logic games might because the onus is not on the player but on the “luck of the draw.” This game is a great introduction to Tic-tac-toe as they learn that they must get three tokens in a row to end the game.


Valentine board game in play with heart tokens

Another option for tokens is using inexpensive Valentine’s Day decorations found at the dollar store. Ensure you have at least two colors or two shades.


A set of dice

The game calls for a matching die with dots. Increase the difficulty by using a die with numerals. Also, consider varying the size of the die. See previous game posts for ideas.


Neurodivergent and disabled learners are often left out of board game play. Here’s a video series showing you how to adapt the games you already own so everyone can be included! Find out more about the Adapting Board Games Video Series here.


Components of Valentine Board game

This package comes with two sets of printable player tokens in addition to the board game. To save paper and ink, consider using tokens you already have on hand (as shown above).

Included in the package:

  • Two sets of player tokens
  • One board game
  • Directions for variations
Valentine board game in play

The size of the board and the sticky pieces make this a great game for on-the-go!


Image of board game package pages



Download the FREE Valentine’s Day “Roll the Die” board game package here!






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